Planning & Meetings

Please note that this study is terminated and for the further policy making process please consult the website of the EC.


Date Event/plan
3 September 2018 Start to the study
11 September 2018 Launch website
20 December  2018

Stakeholder meeting for registered stakeholders (note: spaces are limited and only a representative selection of stakeholders will be admitted)

For more info see main menu on "Register for Meeting"

Note: this date is only preliminary and it will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks.

April 2019 Publication of reviewed Task 1 to 5 reports and draft Task 6 and 7 reports for comments, see documents section.
2nd of May 2019

2nd Stakeholder meeting, for more information and registration please see main menu Register for Meeting.

Meeting agenda

24th of May Deadline for stakeholder comments and position papers, see documents.
end of July Final task 1- 7 report
13th of June

The EC has launched an open public consultation on a potential regulatory intervention related to this study, see:

EC website with policy process information related to this study

EC open public consultation

29th of August 2019

Complementary study launched which is expected to terminate in January 2020, dealing with:

Work Package 1 – Feasibility of scope extension to electric scooters, bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

Work Package 2 – Characterization of performance and sustainability requirements for rechargeable batteries with internal storage for chemistries other than lithium-ion for both electro-mobility and stationary applications.

Work Package 3 - Development of models for rechargeable battery chemistries and technologies beyond lithium-ion, in compliance with the existing product environmental footprint (pef) category rules.

Work Package 4 – Feasibility analysis of introducing requirements on sustainable sourcing (e.g., supply chain due diligence obligations) for rechargeable batteries with internal storage placed in the eu internal market.

20th of September 2019 Final Task 1 to 7 reports are published
5th of November 2019 Third stakeholder meeting in Brussels, for registration and agenda see this page.
22nd of October 2019 Discussion notes for the 4 complementary study work packages are now available, see documents section.
10th March 2020 Final reports of the complementary study are published

Those who have registered through this website will be informed of website updates, meetings and availability of (draft) documents.

* Any stakeholder meeting is subject to confirmation of room availability at the European Commission. Please do not make your travel arrangement before receiving the final agenda about 4 weeks prior to the meeting.