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The study team consists of the following partners:

VITO, The Flemish Institute for Technological research (Belgium), is a renowned European research centre in the field of Energy, Environment and sustainable materials management that has already developed Ecodesign Directive Preparatory studies as input to the development of implementing measures for several product groups for the European Commission and advises regional and federal Belgian authorities on green public procurement policy and criteria development and life cycle analysis.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research is part of the Fraunhofer Society for Applied Research in Germany, a non-profit corporation, which promotes applied research and assures the link between fundamental and industrial research. The Fraunhofer Society is mostly financed through contract work for public bodies at European, national and regional level as well as for industrial companies. The research society has about 59 research institutes all over Germany. The Fraunhofer ISI complements the scientific and technological spectrum of the Fraunhofer Institutes through interdisciplinary research on the interdependence between technology, economy and society.

Viegand Maag√łe (VM) provides communication and consulting services on energy, climate, and sustainability to public and private organizations and companies. In recent years, VM has carried out 14 review or preparatory studies and 5 impact assessments for DG Energy, DG Growth and Joint Research Centre (DG Environment). One of the specialised areas that VM is working with under the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Framework regulations is electronics and under this, batteries as the one of the power sources for the devices. Many of the recent studies for the European Commission include as a major task assessment of resource efficiency opportunities.